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Fish, Water, And Dog Food

Hey all, Bentley here, and you are NOT going to believe what adventures Finn and I got into this week

Have you heard of this thing called “fishing”? Apparently it is where you put food on a hook and feed the fish. Dad told us you can catch them, but all we did was watch them eat the worms we put out there for them. Who knows, maybe next time we will catch one? Dad told Finn and I that we would have to eat dog food tonight and not fish. I was kind of bummed, but Finn REALLY likes our dog food, so he pretended to be upset, but he told me later it wasn’t as “ruff” as I was making it sound.

Tomorrow we will be taking the plunge at Daytona Beach! Finn and I love the water…well, in moderation…we aren’t fish, so we don’t want to live there, but splashing around for a few minutes is always fun (especially when we shake to dry off and get Dad all wet!)

We hope you are enjoying these as much as we are! We love having a chance to check-in and tell all of you about our amazing trip! We are having a blast and cannot wait to see what comes next! Until next time!

Hugs and Doggy Kisses,
Bentley and Finn

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  • Robin Bubbly

    Nice pics!!! I gotta say…I think you two are the lucky ones… you don’t have to eat worms!!! Keep having fun!! And keep telling us about your adventures!!

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