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A Fish…errr…Turtle Story You Won’t Believe

Hey all, Bentley here, with a crazy story about my brother Finn you are not going to believe! Our Dad, founder, and owner of RV WHeelator, Deryle Jensen, took us fishing on our travels, and while we were enjoying the sun, Finn’s pole bent and he caught himself a turtle! Luckily there was a nice man there too that we had never met, but was kind enough to help us reel in our new friend…a 60 lb turtle! We will be telling this story for years to come! I would have been happy with a blue gill, and we got a giant turtle!

We are enjoying our trip across the country with our Dad! Soon we will be in Goshen, Indiana where we will get a chance to meet one of Dad’s friends, and long-time RV Wheelator marketing guy, Jeff Petermann. It’s going to be a fun week…we can’t wait to talk to you again soon! 

Hugs and Doggy Kisses,
Bentley and Finn

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