The RV Wheelator Guarantee

RV Wheelator® guarantees the seller the introduction to a buyer who has a sincere interest in seller's Recreation Vehicle at the advertised price if…


  • the recreation vehicle is in the condition stated by the titled owner.
  • the recreation vehicle is clean, serviced and ready to be used as a recreation vehicle.
  • and there are “No Known” defects, factory recalls or repairs needed. If any of these exist, full disclosure is required.
  • all liens and encumbrances are disclosed and should there be a lean, complete/final payment is available so as a Clean and Clear Title can be delivered.
  • recreation vehicles depreciate rather rapidly, depending on the local market, time of year or many other variables, it maybe necessary to reexamine pricing in 30 and 90 days.
  • either party can cancel the ad/agreement at any time with written notice.
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