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Agent Application

Agent application & information page.

Company Overview

RV Wheelator® lists and sells Recreation Vehicles like Real Estate agents list and sell homes.

We are the first ever “Wheel Estate” company.

We have developed a business model that replaces the old “Wholesale to Retail” with a more fair, “Retail to Retail” model.


RV Wheelator® demands total honesty and kind consideration for both sellers and buyers from all “Wheel Estate” agents whenever representing the company.

Unlike others in the RV Industry, all of our cards are face up.

RV Wheelator® has “No Hidden Agenda” or hidden fees.

Ultimately your job is.

“To introduce Nice People to other Nice People”

Roles and Responsibilities

This is a part time position or full time, we are looking for individuals capable of explaining our unique business model and give away “No Cost” advertising.

RV Wheelator® currently advertises our Wheel Estate listings on over 200 internet sites, all the major social media, local Craigslist, CarsForSale, Claz and RVT.

RV Wheelator® is just like a Real Estate company. Wheel Estate agents are very similar to Real Estate agent, only you will be listing and selling Recreation Vehicles.


Wheel Estate agents will receive 10% of the companies commission for listing and another 10% for selling, for a total possible income of 20% of the Company’s earned commission.

RV Wheelator® earns a commission of approximately 5% on all sales made. Our minimum commission is $986.00

For example proposes; minimum commission $986.00 x 20% = $197.20.
Another example, company commission (5% of $100,000.00) $4,986.00 x 20% = $997.20

It will likely take three (3) or more conversations and text messages with the seller to accomplish a sale.

RV Wheelator® has a proven method for listings and sales success and is able to both supply warm leads and teach agents how to farm for leads.

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Deryle Jensen

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