Hey all, Finn here! Today I wanted to chat with you about my amazing brother Bentley, and a nice little dog named Sally that he saved! We are in Alabama (according to our dad Deryle, though I am not certain where that is.) While here, we ran into a nice couple with a cool fifth wheel and a ford truck who were quite upset! Apparently, they locked their keys in the car, and their dog, Sally, too! I didn't know what to do, but apparently, Bently did! He helped these nice folks call into Ford and get their vehicle unlocked! Their dog, Sally, was so happy (she was starting to get pretty hot after just 10 minutes!) .

I am so proud of my brother, and so is Dad! He really is a Super Hero! We should get him a cape, don't you think?

Hugs and Doggy Kisses,
Finn and Bentley