Simply fill out the form below and one of our Professional Wheel Estate Agents will contact you within 24 hrs to start the process.
We work directly with you to get you the most for your RV hassle FREE!
No one can get you more money for your RV, No One!

The Buyer Pays You!

You collect all the money, your agreed selling price plus RV Wheelator’s commission.
You can’t get hurt!

"No Cost" Advertising

Our advertising/lead generating service is FREE to you the Seller!
The Buyer pays a small commission included in the advertised price.

No Negotiating Needed

Your recreation vehicle will be priced to sell, at a fair price for both buyer and seller.

No one, No where in the entire RV Industry has/is doing what
RV Wheelator® has been doing for the past 6 years!


Sellers please fill in the blanks and RV Wheelator® will find you a Buyer!

Frequently Asked Questions

No where else, No one else in the entire RV Industry has or is doing what
RV Wheelator® has been doing for the past 6 years!

How Much Does It Cost To Work With RV Wheelator?

There is no cost to list your Recreation vehicle with us.

Where Do You Advertise My RV?

We advertise on over 200+ platforms, plus major social media, RVT and your local Craigslist.

How Do You Get So Much For My RV?

RV Wheelator® is the only business in the industry with a Retail to Retail business model. All licensed dealers have a wholesale to retail model. RV Wheelator® doesn’t have the traditional expenses of a dealer so we pass on these huge savings on to the seller.

How To Get Started With the Process?

Fill out the sellers form above! Receive a call from a professional Wheel Estate agent within 24hrs to discuss the retail price according to the banks and what dealers are advertising the exact RV for. You are under no obligation!

Who Pays The Commission?

The buyer RV Wheelator® finds and qualifies for you pays 100% of our commission.

Who Sells My RV?

You will be showing your RV to the qualified buyer we have found for you. You know everything about this RV and with no threat of price negotiating or being low balled it is much easier and friendlier situation.