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Hello! My name is Barb Meyer, an agent with RV Wheelator. Thank you for accepting my business card and taking the time to review the information below to eventually become one of our many happy clients!

I am a semi-retired accountant happily living and traveling the US in my RV since September 2017. My experience with this lifestyle was very limited when I started but am still in love with my choice! During my travels, I have worked various part-time positions and RV Wheelator is one of the most exciting and interesting businesses I have encountered.

As your agent, I look forward to introducing you to the uniqueness of this ‘Wheel Estate’ process! I ask one favor of you, just try us out. There is NO cost to YOU the seller. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours. Thanks again!


Barb Meyer
[email protected]

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“Thank you for coming to RV Wheelator® We’re thrilled you’re here! Guaranteed most cash for your recreational vehicle. And We guarantee you a pre-qualified buyer at no cost to you…”


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The Process
What's RV Wheelator®?

RV Wheelator® is a peer to peer marketing and sales concept that represents the ”For Sale By Owner” RV Market. We don’t charge you a dime. We represent you at absolutely no cost. Similar to Real Estate Agents, we are WheelEstate™ Agents. We advertise at our expense on over 200+ websites and on social media. Our listings are at an agreed price with you, the owner, and priced to sell. RV Wheelator guarantees you a buyer! We keep advertising until it sells. Give us a try, you have nothing to lose.

How Does It Work?

Use the form at the bottom of the page. Fill in all the information as completely as possible and tap the “Submit Application” button. We’ll contact you within 24–48 hours to firm up the exact particulars of your RV.

How Can It Help Me?

Have you previously attempted to advertise and sell your RV only to be harassed and called by tire kickers and consignment companies trying to get you to go with them at a wholesale price? Our professional services are here to assist you in advertising, marketing and ultimately selling your RV for a FAIR retail price. We field all the inquires and prequalify every potential buyer before communicating with you.

What Will It Cost Me?

Similar to the real estate industry, RV Wheelator® advertises, markets and qualifies your buyer for you. The buyer pays a small commission included in the mutually agreed advertised price.

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