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“Thank you for coming to RV Wheelator® We’re thrilled you’re here! Guaranteed most cash for your recreational vehicle. And We guarantee you a pre-qualified buyer at no cost to you…”


Deryle Jensen

Thank you for your interest in RV Wheelator®. We are looking for self starters capable of sharing RV Wheelator®’s superior business model with recreational vehicle owners and current sellers. There is nothing to sell, you only need to share three facts making our “Retail to Retail” model by-far superior to the whole sale to retail model. RV Wheelator® can

1) Guarantee a private seller up to 50% more cash than a dealer (that’s a lot of money)
2) Guarantee a private seller a Buyer at the sellers agreed price. (No one else can do this)
3) RV Wheelator® pays for the advertising on approx 250 web sites, most of the major social media, CarsFor Sale, RVT, Claz, local Craigslist to name a few.

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