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Wheeltime Chats with Bentley & Finn

Finn the dog.

Hello everyone! My name is Finn, and this is my dog-tastic best buddy, Bentley. We are so excited that you decided to join us on our adventures, and we travel the country with our Dad, and RV Wheelator founder, Deryle! We have so many exciting stops planned, where we will be able to meet many of you, and certainly, if I know Bentley, lots of trouble we will get into as well. It’ll be “rough”, but you barked up the right tree jumping on board here at the beginning!

We are so glad to have you along for the ride! If you have any questions for us, let us know in the comments below!

Hey all! Bentley here, excited to chat with you all about our first few days of amazing adventures. First of all, I had a dream of mine come true recently, and then dashed against the dog house! What does a dog dream of you ask? Well, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mechanic. I know, you would think being a dog it would be something more canine related, but alas, all I ever wanted was to feel the grease between my paws, and feel the amazing sensation of fixing a vehicle or RV. Well, when we started out on our journey, I got my chance to see a real life mechanic in action, as our Wheelator-Mobile ended up with an air leak! There we were, on the side of the road heading into Texas, and lo and behold, a mechanic…wrench and all, shows up to help us out! He got under our RV and started doing his thing (we ended up needing part of our air suspension fixed), and in no time flat, he rolled back out from under our vehicle and he was SERIOUSLY dirty. As I mentioned above, I am all about feeling the grease between my paws, but we are talking head to toe dirt. That was a bitter Scooby snack for me to swallow. I hate getting REALLY dirty. I knew then and there I would be a better adventurer than mechanic, but I sure was grateful that this guy was there and able to help us out!

Bentley the dog.

As we proceeded, we happened upon the town of Fort Stockton, Texas where we stayed the evening. I LOVE chasing birds. Mainly because they are smaller than me (to be fair Finn and I both like chasing things that are smaller than us, but I particularly love birds). Check out the size of the bird in this picture! Apparently it is made of metal and wouldn’t have been much fun if I would have caught it, but still, a bird that size? I’ll pass.All in all, Finn and I, and of course our Dad, and founder of RV Wheelator, Deryle. Have had a tremendous first week. I can’t wait to see what adventures await us next! Bark at you soon!

Hugs and Doggie Kisses,
Bentley & Finn

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